NEW! Coral's Coral Lens for iPhone and Android


We are so excited to tell you all about something we have been working on for months! We saw a need and there was nothing up to our standards on the market so we created our own, just for YOU! But, before we get started...

Do you answer YES to any of these questions???

Are you tired of your coral photos sucking?

Do you have a hard time selling your products because you can't show its true beauty?

Do your photos always turn out too blue or too orange?

Do you want more detail and clarity in your photos?

Have you been underwhelmed by other lenses on the market? 

Are you frustrated by your current phone cameras limited capabilities?

We have THE solution for you!

Introducing the Coral's Coral Lens



Who is Coral's Coral? 

We are reef photography and aquaculture experts. We have been doing both successfully for over 12 years! Check out more about us HERE. And check out our amazing array of photos on instagram!

What are the specs?

  • 12.5x macro 
  • 0.45 wide angle lens
  • Phone clip and lens guide specialized to accommodate multi-camera phones and improve focus on macro photography
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets, including Apple and Android devices
  • 15,000K filter - the perfect color to cut through the blue 
  • Interchangeable/stackable filters and lenses
  • Two color options- Black or Rose Gold
  • Waterproof carrying case included!


Check out these amazing before and after shots we took of one of our tanks!!  🤯 


Why should I buy this lens over other products already out there? 

We have tried ALL the other lenses, filters, and apps on the market currently and nothing compares to what we have created. This has the perfect orange filter to showcase the colors of your coral as close to real life as possible without losing integrity! Plus our macro lens is higher quality than the lower cost alternatives. This is the ONLY lens that you will need and is well worth the investment to get professional quality photos at home with ease! 

How much would it cost you to get a DLSR or other professional grade camera, plus all the accessories and filters for reef photography? Likely HUNDREDS of dollars! Then you need to take the extra time and effort to download those pictures from the camera to a computer or phone so you can share them, what a pain! With this lens just point and shoot so you have the photos on your phone immediately to edit or share :) We are changing the way you share your reef or market your products to customers for only $39.99! 

When will it be available? 

The official launch date for the lens is May 15th. Order now over on our site to secure one before they sell out!

How much is shipping?

FREE! Nobody likes to pay for shipping, so we decided to offer free shipping for a limited time during our initial launch! Don't miss out on this incentive! 



If you need any help at all or have other questions for us, click here to message us on facebook!

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