Get To Know Our Team


The brains behind the operation! He has always loved the aquarium hobby and got his first tank at age 16. His obsession continued as he worked at his local fish store for 5 years and learned valuable knowledge about maintaining systems, caring for livestock and corals, compatibility, and more. He then decided to make reefing his career and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Biology from BYU-Hawaii. After graduating he moved back to the mainland and has been aquaculturing amazing coral for the past 5 years. His expertise and passion is evident in all he does. 



As Nicks wife she married into the hobby and has helped with the business side of Nick's coral addiction. By day she is an acute care occupational therapist at a level I trauma center and by night she is a boss babe who runs our website and social media and is most likely who you will talk to for customer service and affiliate questions.