Coral's Coral Lens Version 2 NOW AVAILABLE!

Coral's Coral 20,000K Filter Universal Lens

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Must pair with a clip for proper use.

*Pair with Coral's Coral Clip and Coral's Coral 15,000K Filter (optional)*

We're all about receiving feedback and improving our customer's experience. The number one piece of feedback we received after launching Coral's Coral Lens six months ago was that people wished it came with a yellow filter as well. "Ask and ye shall receive." Thus Coral's Coral 20,000K Filter was born!

The 20,000K filter is meant for tanks that run a bit whiter than your typical grow room, but still too blue for a phone camera to capture the true beauty of your coral. When the 15,000K Filter is too much, but no filter isn't enough, the 20,000K Filter is here to save the day! The 20,000K Filter can also be stacked with the 15,000K filter in actinic lighting to #CutThruTheBlue at a whole new level.

We're excited to add this filter to our product line and hope it's what you have been looking for.

Coral's Coral 20,000K Filter will fit into almost all clips available on the market today, including Polyp Lab, Icecap, Orphek, Bubble Magus, TruVu, and other off- or no-name brands.

We hope you choose our clip and other lenses to accompany your 20,000K Filter, but in case you have your own favorite (even though you're wrong), we know our 20,000K Filter will fill the hole in your soul you're trying to forget is there... at least for minute, and that's gotta be worth $10.

Coral's Coral 20,000K Filter Features:

  • Premium High-Clarity Glass
  • Take true-to-life pictures when white lights are on (but they're still too blue for your phone >:()
  • Universal threading fits into nearly all other lens clips
  • Includes a protective hard plastic case