Coral's Coral Lens Version 2 NOW AVAILABLE!

Coral's Coral 15,000K Filter Universal Lens

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Must pair with a clip for proper use.

*Pair with Coral's Coral Clip and Coral's Coral 20,000K Filter (optional)*

"What can I say, you built a better mouse trap," is probably one of the best compliments we have received about our lens, and from a highly esteemed coral vendor at that. This vendor had used ALL the different lenses out there and tried ours because of all the great reviews -- though he was admittedly skeptical since nothing else was up to par. We were happy to receive his raving review along with dozens of others from reefers who finally found the one lens to rule them all.

The heart and soul of Coral's Coral Lens is our unique 15,000K filter, available for the first time ever a la carte (to your wallet's pleasure). Our goal when producing this filter was to #CutThruTheBlue and capture the true beauty of your coral in a photo exactly as you see it with your eye, no better or worse. We have been giddy to see the response as reefers continue to discover that not all filters are created equal, and that it is possible to capture the true beauty of their reef and share it with the world.

Better pictures means more followers, more jealous friends & family, and frags sell faster for more money. There really isn't anything to lose.

Coral's Coral 15,000K Filter will fit into almost all clips available on the market today, including Polyp Lab, Icecap, Orphek, Bubble Magus, TruVu, and other off- or no-name brands.

We hope you choose our clip and other lenses to accompany your 15,000K Filter, but in case you have your own favorite (even though you're wrong), we know our 15,000K Filter will blow your mind.

Coral's Coral 15,000K Filter Features:

  • Premium High-Clarity Glass
  • Perfect tint to #CutThruTheBlue
  • Universal threading fits into nearly all other lens clips
  • Includes a protective hard plastic case