Coral's Coral Lens Version 2 NOW AVAILABLE!

Coral's Coral Clip - Freestyle Universal Phone Clip for Lenses - fits iPhone 11 & 12 Pro

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*Pair with Coral's Coral 15,000K Filter and/or Coral's Coral 20,000K Filter*

Introducing Coral's Coral Clip - a universal phone clip that will fit your favorite filter and lens set. The freestyle cutout accommodates the newest phones on the market, including the iPhone 11 and 12 Pro (as pictured), allowing all cameras to be covered at once with no adjustment necessary. 

We've tried just about every lens out there, including Polyp Lab, Icecap, Orphek, Bubble Magus, TruVu, and other off- or no-name brands, and this clip will fit them all. So whether you lost or damaged your clip, want a back up, or are looking for a budget way to spice up your aquarium photography - this is the clip for you.

We hope you choose our filters and lenses to fit into your clip, but in case you have your own favorite (even though you're wrong), we know our clip will suit your needs.


  • Soft-touch front and back so it won't scratch your phone
  • High quality spring with the perfect tension to hold tight on your phone while being easy to get off without any clicking (or swearing)
  • Freestyle cutout accommodates almost all phones including iPhone 11 and 12 Pro Max
  • Textured finger grips for secure handling
  • Fits filters and lenses of all brands, including Coral's Coral 15,000K Filter and Coral's Coral 20,000K Filter (sold separately)