Why aquaculture?

Aquaculture is vital for the sustainability of the reefing hobby. Reefs continue to bleach around the world and collection areas abruptly close due to lack of health certificates and government red tape. Aquaculture lessens the impact on wild reefs since each aquacultured strain is only imported once, then the coral is grown, fragged, distributed, and redistributed between hobbyists for an indefinite period of time. Aquaculture also has many benefits to the buyer because it produces corals that are happy, healthy, and hardy:

1. Happy - Corals that have been aquacultured for many months or years have a proven track record of holding vibrant color, growing well, and remaining happy in controlled environments that are ever-changing like our aquariums.

2. Healthy - Aquacultured frags that have been inspected and processed properly have an extremely low chance of introducing harmful pests or diseases to fragile reef systems. We ensure all our pieces are free of pests and diseases before we sell them.

3. Hardy - Knowing a coral is acclimated to aquarium life helps you be more confident it will survive and thrive, versus wild caught specimens that can die quickly in captivity.