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Coral's Coral SolaRay 4k Sphere LED Reef Aquarium Light Pre-Order

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See your tank in 4k! Coral's Coral SolaRay 4k LED Sphere is making it's debut!

● WIFI Control: produces its own network OR connects to an existing network. Multiple lights can be linked together and controlled all at once.
● 6 LED channels optimized for coral growth and color. Schedules allow for sunrise and sunset, cloudy, lightning, and fine tuning of each channel on as many (or few) points throughout the day as your heart desires.
● Shimmer: Crisp, clean light from a direct-point source produces a pristine shimmer that instantly makes your water look crystal clear.
● 80 watts of light effectively covers a 24x24 inch area. Par readings measured 400 at the top of the water and 100 in the bottom corners when the light was 10 inches above the surface - even when the light wasn't turned up all the way.
● A work of art... just like your reef. Utilitarian and minimalist designs are all we see in the lighting world right now. Canopies used to hide unsightly equipment, but rimless, open tanks are now more desired and you're forced to bare all. BE PROUD of your light and what it adds to your tank - not only by providing excellent growth and color, but also adding to your entire system's aesthetic.

I can tell you this... you will not regret adding this to your tank. The compliments on the store display just keep flooding in every day. Our corals have better color than ever and the growth is great!


The SolaRay 4k Sphere will retail for $249.99 with a hanging wire included. Optional tank mount will be $29.99.

As a special, introductory pre-order offer, you can get BOTH the SolaRay 4k Sphere AND tank mount for $199.99, that's a savings of $80! This includes free shipping for out of state customers. Act now, because we will have limited pre-order stock available and won't have a deal like this again. Pre-orders will close on Monday, April 11 at 11:59:59 PM PDT. We expect the first lights in 4-6 weeks.