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OceanRevive Ocean Revive Arctic 247-B LED Reef Light

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The OceanRevive Arctic T247-B is the only light we use and we LOVE it! We started using these 5 years ago, and since then have tested them side-by-side with AI Sol + T5HO, AI Hydra 52, and Radion Gen 4 Pro, and because of exceptional color, growth, and the amazing price we recently ditched all other lights and replaced them all with T247-B units. We know you will love them too!⠀

Technical specs:

  • Power Consumption: 120W Max
  • LED Type: 48pcs 3W High Power LEDs
  • Core Coverage - For any high lighting required SPS tank 26"x18"
  • Regular Coverage - 32"x24" for mixed reef tank @ 12" above water
  • Channel One: 8x 470nm, 16x 450nm
  • Channel Tow: 6x 420nm, 2x 520nm, 2x 660nm, 6x 10000K, 8x12000K
  • Input Current: AC85-264V
  • Operating Temperature: 90℉-110℉ , 32.2℃-43.3℃
  • Thermal Management: 2x 80mm dual bearing cooling fans
  • Product Dimensions: 16" x 10.4" x 1.6" , 40cm x 26cm x 4cm
  • Product Weight: 5Lbs , 2.27Kg
  • Controlled by: Built-in-Digital Time
  • Mount: Horizontal-Retractable Brackets & Hanging Kits